Spinach baby spinach,
mushrooms, cucumbers, black
olives, tomatoes, onions 5.95

Arugula baby arugula,
cucumbers, mushrooms, black
olives, tomatoes, onions 5.95

Caesar romaine lettuce,
parmesan cheese & croutons 5.95

Antipasto ham, salami,
provolone over a house salad 7.95

Tri Color baby arugula, endive,
radicchio, tomatoes, cucumbers,
onions, black olives 5.95

House lettuce, tomatoes,
onions, cucumbers,
black olives 5.95

Chef ham, turkey, american
cheese over a house salad 7.95

Salad di Panzano mescaline,
sliced almonds, roasted walnuts,
tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,
black olives, mandarin oranges
dressed with our house balsamic
vinaigrette or dressing of
your choice 7.95

Salad Toppings add chicken 2.00
Iceberg, Romaine, Plum Tomatoes,
Mushrooms, Baby Arugula,
Onions, Baby Spinach, Carrots,
Bell Peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers,
Stuffed Olives, Black Olives,
Fresh Basil, Cucumbers

House Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch,
Golden Italian, Creamy Italian,
Creamy Balsamic, Bleu Cheese,
French, Caesar, Honey Mustard,
Oil & Red Wine Vinegar,
Lemon Vinaigrette